Tuesday, 4 August 2015


On the 1st of August me and my friend Jada went to the fan screening of Paper Towns. I was extremely excited to see the movie as I loved the book so much. So here are my views on the movie and whether it lived up to my high expectations.

Firstly I think the actors were perfect. Cara did surprisingly well as Margo however sometimes her British accent would come through. Also Nat did an incredible job as always.

Also what I loved about watching the movie, was seeing scenes from the book in real life. for example the abandoned building were Margo goes to was exactly how I imagined it and I found it exciting to finally see these things in visual forms.

The main down fall for the movie was the ending! In the book the ending is quite sad, Quentin is "in love" with Margo and he finally comes to understand that it's just not meant to be however he still wishes for it to happen. In the movie I think it's not as sad, Margo and Quentin get closure on their feelings and then Quentin makes it back just in time to go to prom and everything is fine and dandy.

Overall I think the movie is quite neutral. I felt as though I didn't go through all the emotions I experienced while reading the book. I guess if you haven't read the book you will have nothing to compare it with and therefore may find it more enjoyable.

If you have read paper towns or seen the movie, comment below with your thoughts.

Amber x