Saturday, 15 October 2016


Since around September 2015 to July 2016 I was one of Cass Arts Student Ambassadors. The whole experience was so much fun and I got to meet lots of extremely talented artists from all over the UK.

One of the most exciting things we got to do, was hold our own exhibition in London. We came up with the concept, name etc and presented all our artwork in an exhibition on Brick Lane.

This is the piece that I decided to be a part of the show. It's called 'Unresponsive'. This piece, when I initially started it, was just meant for experimenting and doing something a bit out of my comfort zone, however I loved the end result, and it is now one of my favourite pieces I have created in the past year.

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place... But nothing grows there".

If you haven't heard about Cass Arts student Ambassador programme, you should definitely check it out and consider giving it a go, if you are in the UK and studying an arts subject.